My Favourite Place in Leeds | The Hidden Park

Spending your time in a big city for a long period of time can have its effects on you. You grow accustomed to tall grey buildings, constantly having to wait for traffic and dodging the hordes of people that fill the pavements. Whether it is passing through Leeds station to get to university or going into the city itself for work. I am used to these annoyances of urban life. In fact when is the last time you saw greenery during your morning/evening commute? The fake plants in your office reception don’t count!


My favourite place in Leeds is a small area called ‘Park Square’ and it sits nicely in the finance part of Leeds – where the offices that belong to solicitors and lawyers are. In the summer while I’m having a busy day at work it’s the perfect place to come and eat lunch. Some days I will grab a seat on a vacant bench in the shade. I’ll sit and watch the groups of people chatting as they walk through the park. Other times I will lounge on the grass in the warm weather and relax with the other sun seekers, who have spread a towel out on the floor in preparation for sunbathing. As I sit in my favourite place in Leeds I read a paperback, the soft breeze cooling me down as I do so. On some occasions the familiar noise of an ice cream van grows louder and louder, until that said van has appeared next to the park. A line of men and women in suits gets larger and larger – each eager for a cool treat to take the edge off the heat.

This is my favourite place in Leeds because it’s an escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city while still being in the big city. It’s like my very own miniature version of Central Park. The perfect place to escape to on a summer’s day. It’s a good job it’s there because otherwise we would all have to sunbathe on the steps of the town hall or on the office floor!


One thought on “My Favourite Place in Leeds | The Hidden Park”

  1. Hi Joe, Loved your blog, when I worked in Leeds over 40 years ago I used to go to Park Square just as you do now. You brought back lots of memories. Love Grandma xx


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