Hiking Around the Island | Barranco De Erques

Two weeks in sunny Tenerife is pretty much anyone’s idea of paradise. The scorching sun beating down on your back while you have a frosty cocktail in your hand. Swimming laps in the pool before cooling off while reading a good book. It wouldn’t take much convincing for me to do the same especially since I live in the UK where the sun shines for about 15 days a year!

We went to Tenerife for the family holiday last year. After about a week or so of being in total chill out mode, I started to get a little stir crazy. By this point I was well and truly relaxed. I was trying to think of things I could do to make sure I got something different out of this holiday. We were staying in the small town of Calleo Salvaje, which is home to amazing views and picture perfect beaches. It has friendly restaurants and a couple of supermarkets where you can stock up on essentials (e.g beer and wine!). However, I had pretty much explored the whole town so I realised I might have to stretch a bit further afield.

I’ve always been an avid walker so that was the next idea that popped into my head. I could walk around part of the island. I opened the google maps app on my phone and looked for places I could hike too. One that struck my attention was a blob of green space called “Barranco De Erques”. This was only a few miles away and seemed like it could be an interesting place to visit. I packed a bag with food and water and me and my brother left my family. They were too busy sunbathing and listening to the radio to really be bothered what we were getting up to anyway.

There was a lack of pavements at the beginning of the walk so we were stuck on the edge of the busy A road for the first couple of miles. I’m sure the people in the cars driving past were curious as to why there were people just casually walking on the road alongside them. The road is practically next to the sea so you get some really stunning views as you walk past:



Just before we arrived at the actual ‘Barranco De Erques’ we walked through what looked like someone’s banana plantation farm. There were separate areas sectioned off, each home to a number of trees. Their big flat green leaves towering over you as you passed. Around the corner from here was the canyon. When you looked down it was massive drop to the bottom. You look to your left and there is the sea, rich in its blue colour. Tiny flashes of white appear as the waves topple over themselves. You look to the right and Mt. Teide stands there proud. No doubt a lava stream from that very volcano created this canyon many years ago.

We began to explore the area. There was an abandoned house, which we could get to if we climbed down. I’m scared of heights so I was nervous about getting any closer, in case I slipped and fell or if someone saw us. I didn’t actually know if we were meant to be there. My brother on the other hand is much more adventurous than me and he was straight down there exploring the house. Eventually I came with him and we looked inside. It’s hard to imagine that someone used to live here, right on the edge of the canyon! After half an hour or so of exploring it was time to make our way back.. I definitely welcomed the idea of a cocktail again when I arrived at the villa!



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