The ‘Typical Tourist’ Game | Paris Edition

I feel that my first visit to Paris was the same as a thousand other peoples. The long weekend trip that has to be filled with every famous landmark that Paris is so well known for. The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Arc de Triomphe and of course (you know what’s coming) The Eiffel Tower. Can you truly brag to your friends about visiting the oldest dream destination if you haven’t seen all of these places?

Upon reflection of my visit to Paris I see that I too, fell into this trap of trying to cram everything into one trip. I don’t think I stopped during the day apart from a quick lunch, and I made sure I was out of the hotel by 9am the latest. When looking through the old photos I decided to make it into a game – almost like a ‘Paris bingo’. How many of the typical tourist landmarks could I tick off the list? Well here they are:

#1 If you’ve been to Paris and not seen the Eiffel Tower, have you really been? 10points!


#2 As you can see from the crowds, the Sacre Coeur is another tourist hotspot. 7points!


#3 The Palace of Versailles. Touristy, for those who are adventurous enough for the 30minute train ride out of the city centre. 5 points!


#4 Notre Dame. Second only to the Eiffel Tower? 9 Points!


#5 The Moulin Rouge. Though we didn’t actually see a show, we had to get a touristy picture in front of it. 7 Points!


Not a bad effort for a simple weekend trip I don’t think. I definitely saw pretty much everything that Paris has to offer – at least on the surface anyway. I know there is so much more under the touristy surface, an underground Parisian scene just waiting to be explored. First time Paris visitors, there’s nothing wrong with kissing under the Eiffel Tour or walking down the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles or admiring Notre Dame’s beauty. Just don’t feel pressured to run around Paris trying to see them all, then feeling disappointed when you don’t. It’s not always what you want to see, most of the time it’s what you didn’t expect to see. If I’m fortunate to visit Paris again I want to make sure I take it slow and see what alternative treats Paris has waiting for visitors who dare stray from the crowds.


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