My First Month on Exchange | A Student in Stockholm

I wanted to start this post by apologising to my many “tens” of readers for not updating the blog for a while now. I have had the craziest month settling into my new home in Stockholm, Sweden. Hopefully as things start to calm down and between university assignments and reports I can find time to tell you about what i’m getting up to here!

Now, how can I describe my first month in Stockholm? I struggle to find a word because it has been so much after such a short period of time. I’m about to commit a travel blogger sin here and just let the pictures do the talking!


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This is the image that I see as I write this post. It’s still hard to imagine that I live in a place that offers these kind of views, everywhere you look is another snapshot moment. I walk out of my front door and thirty minutes later i’m overlooking one of the most beautiful cities in Scandanavia, forget that – Europe!

I’ve taken to Sweden like a duck to water (pardon the cliche). I feel like it’s a city made for me, nature is always around your corner. Everyday I find myself walking through nearby forests, parks and gardens. My legs are hating me right now but I can’t stop myself from exploring the city on foot, whether that be green Djurgarden, quaint Gamla Stan or the cosmopolitan city centre.

After my first month here I already feel like a local. Everyday I find that a random Swedish person will walk up to me and try to converse in Swedish. The result is me having a mini freak-out and apologising for not knowing the language. As you buy your loaf of bread in Lidl or an iron in Clas Ohlson you forget how much you are blending in. I feel completely at home here and Sweden has welcomed me with open arms.

Stockholm is also such an international city. By studying here I have inevitably met other students from all over the world. I have also been introduced to their cultures as well as the culture of Sweden. This has been everything from my friends speaking German to each other in front of me. The fresh Chinese food covering my kitchen, ready to be made into a traditional meal by my housemates. It’s a Mexican night hosted by my friend or going to a South American restaurant. I’m being embraced with a plethora of cultures and people – It’s everything I wanted it to be!

I’ll try to update the blog more often because I miss writing. I’m eager to share my Stockholm stories. I will leave you with this image again because it’s my favourite view of the city!

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