Colour Explosions in the Caribbean! Caye Caulker, Belize


As the temperature here in Stockholm slowly starts to drop, the number of layers increases. I haven’t left my apartment without a jumper for the past week. As I lay in bed shivering, I happily reminisce back to my (kinda) recent trip to Belize. Here, I sizzled under the Caribbean sun and the only *cold* in my life was the ice clicking in my drink.

Caye Caulker, Belize has the best of both worlds. After a twelve hour travel day from Mexico, I wanted nothing more than to relieve the stress and tension of a long journey by laying on the beach. It won’t take you long to see one, since the island is only 200m in width. Find yourself a palm tree, stretch out on the sand and forget yourself. The only sounds to disturb you are the gentle crashing of waves, the crackling of a nearby barbecue and a local shouting “sweeeeeeeeeeeeet” in her distinct Caribbean accent as she tries to sell snacks.


After you’re rested then you can dive right into the livelier side of Caye Caulker . When I was there the residents were having a colour powder party with a steel drum band playing. Pay a couple of BZD for a bag of powder and throw it over your friends, or that annoying kid you saw earlier (Top Tip- cover your beer!). We proceeded to look like rainbows for the rest of the day.













Even the dog got involved!

So, as I still lay shivering in my bed. I try and remember laying on the beach. I try to remember dancing to the steel drums, while my friend pours yellow powder over my head, and for (at least) a second I feel warm!

– I want to dedicate this post to the little Belize girl who slapped red powder on my back, not knowing i’d been severely sunburnt the day before – that definitely left a handprint!



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