The Eye vs The Hand | Fotografiska Poems, Stockholm

Returning to Stockholm this weekend allowed me to visit some of the places I didn’t have chance to when I lived there last year. High on my list was ‘Fotografiska’ a museum dedicated to photography. I was lucky enough to see Ren Hang’s “Human Love” exhibit as well as Cooper & Gorfer’s collection “I Know Not These My Hands”. Walking around exhibits I find it odd if I don’t have my notebook with me. I’m ready to jot down some inspiration that comes from looking at the work before me. Here are a series of poems from Fotografiska’s exhibits


Dior Haute Couture,

with an orange tint
free me from the box
of couture culture
or smash the glass
and join me,
being blind is easier.


2014 Blue
will break if handled carelessly
so display me in glass
for the eyes
so many eyes
but don’t touch
but don’t expect answers


one side dark
red streams into deep indigo
they’re scared to let me out
facing the light
fantastical, carnival yellow
judge me if you will
but you were once me


I Know Not These My Hands, Cooper & Gorfer

Empty Portrait of Cecilia Roppalini
find me
by looking for my shoes
as my body
in an ether
you will never find
the song of the forest
my only constant
o, find me
listen for footsteps
and weeping
beyond the trees
of twilight


everything is falling apart fine
they will come for me soon
I will be taken treated
black bag over head safely
like my father
I don’t have time
I hear the sirens children singing


Human Love, Ren Hang

Human Love
you laugh at my nipples
the hair on my vagina
and two bums exposed
the body is the window to nature
look outside
leave your skin in the forests
and urban

lips are just petals
lilies the eyes
you are one with the forest
and you have no choice

don’t fall from the tree
the branches will cut the skin
they will cut you
expression has consequences

I go back to the water
and warm
the currents take me under
I am born again

concrete metropolis
herding sheep
sit on the rooftops
nipples hardening with the breeze
while sunset bathes you

you thought it was mountains
they’re bums
of different colours
you were partially correct
it’s a landscape of nature
as we are nature; exposed



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