The Solo Traveller | A Weekend In Malta


A couple of weeks ago I explored the island-country of Malta! Although I was greeted with great weather, monuments and a plethora of culture and history. It made me come to terms with the psyche of being a solo traveller.

This was the first time that I had been away alone. Stockholm doesn’t count because I don’t think that was the same. I was living with other people in the same situation as me so you never felt lonely for long. This trip was different though… I made it to Malta on Friday. It was a long day of travel; early morning, flight delayed, public transport not turning up and other nuisances like that. However, I let it all wash over me because I had crossed another country off my list. Bonus – it was also warm. I forgot what that feels like! As I said this is my first time travelling solo despite being a well-travelled person. I’ve always had a companion with me but this time I didn’t and it was tough. When I walked along the seafront I could appreciate its beauty but I had no one to share it with. When I walked past a pastry shop, the treats inside looked delicious but I had no one to tell.

I would be lying if I said it didn’t get me down. Then I ask myself questions like “well why did you even go in the first place?” Honestly I didn’t think it would affect me as much as it did. On the morning of my flight I just wanted to go back home. I was anxious and upset about travelling for the first time in ages. On my first night I decided to try and explore as much as I could and I found an Argentinian restaurant close to my hostel. I did hover around for a good ten minutes before going inside, scared of saying the dreaded words “table for one please!” eventually I did it and the meal was amazing. Would I have wanted to share that experience with someone? Yes and no. Yes because company is nice and no because I realised its ok to spend time alone. People thought I was absolutely nuts for going to Malta by myself. Many can’t do something like that. I’ve always been independent and more at ease with situations like that. I just love to travel, of course, in a sense it is an escapism. But I suppose we’re all escaping from something each in our own way.

This is just a little intro into the solo traveller. I would like to explore this further as I go on more trips this year. It will be interesting to compare future experiences to this one.


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