Bitesized Malta Poems

A small collection of short bitesized poems from Malta. Quickly scribbled in my notebook while I mooched around in the sun. While I nonchalantly watched people going about their business as the day slowly slunk along.


The Garden.

come to my garden, where
the sea glistens above,
the sky clear below
mixing a pallet of blue before my eyes
let us dance in my garden
to the song of red and purple flowers
while the tourists look onwards.

Table For One.

look at that man in the corner
alone. that’s fucking weird
one pair of cutlery
one beer glass
one plate
they must be the loneliest person in the world….

you choke
because you realise you feel the same
as she holds your hand
next to candlelight.

Woman Doing Beach Exercises.

move as the wave moves
lunge forward, jump backward
sweating through gym gear
rest in a rock pool
you are one with the ocean now child.

Crowded Bus.

clinging to the
pools collect
under your armpits
drowning me
in odour


no dogs on the beach
that child stepped in shit
no dogs on the beach


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