Exploring Croatia’s Islands | Lopud Boat Trip

If you thought you’d experienced everything Dubrovnik had to offer. The stunning old town, crammed full of exquisite restaurants and historical sites. The castle walls you can spend most of the day strolling around and the dock you can sit at and enjoy a nice glass of wine, while watching the waves lap against the boats. Then you’re wrong – there’s so much more you can experience. How about a boat trip to the island of Lopud? This charming Adriatic gem will have you coming back to Dubrovnik again and again!

On our last day in Dubrovnik what could we do? Should we sit and wallow in self-pity at the thought of having to go back home to the cold British weather? No! My partner put forward the idea of doing a boat trip. I’ll be honest I was reluctant at first because I get nervous with flying. I feel like I need to be at the airport six hours before the plane takes off. The thought of being on a boat most of the day when I’d be flying later that evening didn’t sound appealing! However it turned out to be the perfect way to end our holiday.


It wasn’t plain sailing at the start of the trip (no pun intended) as we rushed to the ticket office. The woman at the desk told us that the boat was leaving in five minutes. We didn’t really have time to wait an hour for the next one because of our flight so we ran to the docks. The boat was seconds from leaving and we pleaded with the captain to let us on, which thankfully he did. We jumped on and as soon as the gate was shut behind us we were off. Jadrolinija was who we sailed with and I would recommend them if you’re wanting to do this trip. They’re an established and respectable company to use. Once we were off we could chill out on the deck in the sun and watch as we gently departed from the Dubrovnik coast. You stop at other islands on the way to Lopud, which is the last destination. This means you can visit multiple places to get the most out of your day. We didn’t get to explore these other islands due to lack of time but I definitely would do if I found myself there again.



Upon departing the boat and stepping onto the island of Lopud we were free to explore to our hearts content. Lopud is a pretty big island, it has the main front with the dock, shops and restaurants. Further out are walking routes and other places to explore – you could spend the whole day here, again we were unfortunately stuck for time. Our stomachs signalled that it was time for lunch and we picked a restaurant which was right on the front. We had a really nice view of the sea just a few meters from us and happened to enjoy a great meal here. The best thing was that the island wasn’t overcrowded. I don’t think many people fancy venturing out this far so it’s pretty quiet, which is perfect if you want a chilled out day!




After the meal we had a walk around some nearby gardens. It was like venturing into a completely different place because the entire area was shaded by the trees. It’s little forest just a few steps from the main front, which was bustling with activity. I think that most of the island is luscious green forests if you go further away from the dock area. I wish we had more time to explore what Lopud has to offer! Nevertheless we spent a good hour walking around, admiring the gardens and just enjoying being in the sun.

After our walk it was about time to get back on the boat and sail home. We sat on the docks and reminisced about an amazing time in Croatia. The boat came and delivered us back to Dubrovnik with plenty of time to catch our flight, much to my relief! Lopud – a charming island town, which offers a break from the hustle and bustle of busy Dubrovnik. What could be more perfect than spending a day travelling on a boat over the sparking Adriatic seas, to a beautiful island drenched in summer sun?