Save Your Euros in Venice | Take the Traghetto!

The Gondola. If I had to pick one thing to represent Venice then these small black boats would be the image that I would choose in a heartbeat. Whenever I picture the city they are the first things that I think of. As a traveller I don’t usually like to fall into the tourist traps because I think they can be overrated. However, when I had booked to go to Venice I knew a Gondola ride would be on my list of things to do… that is until I saw the price!

The official rates if you’re using a gondola as a taxi are €80 ($104) for up to 6 people for a 40-minute ride; additional 20 minute increments cost €40 ($52). After 7pm, the price rises to €100 ($130) for 40 minutes, €50 ($65) each additional 20 minutes. – Reidsitaly, Source.

Now I’m only a student so while I’m traveling I’m keeping a close eye on my budget. Those prices saw the dream of me cruising across the Grand Canal at the hands of a nice Italian man shatter. Although disheartened it didn’t spoil my trip to Venice at all because there are a thousand other things to do. However, as we were nearing the end of the holiday my partner was trying his to best to find an alternative so I wouldn’t be completely disappointed.

As a result of his efforts I now have the perfect solution for people that don’t want to fork out a lot of money for a Gondola ride. You just need to take the Traghetto! For €2 (the tourist rate) you can get rowed from one side of the Grand Canal to the other. The whole trip lasts the best part of about 2 minutes but you feel like you’re in a Gondola. If you’re as good with a camera as us then you can fool people back home into thinking you’ve spent the day in style. Make them believe you’ve been ferried around Venice in the iconic boat like we tried to do – can you tell the difference?